“I like a Cook who smiles out loud when he tastes his own work. Let God worry about your modesty: I want to see your enthusiasm”Robert Farrar Capon b. 1925

NB: All prices are subject to change without notice.

A La Carte Menu


Soup a l’oignon gratinee French Onion soup with Gruyere cheese  speciality of the house  £6.75

Soup du Jour – Ask Lynne £6.50

Heritage Cherry Tomato and baby Mozzarella salad, with rocket leaves and Basil dressing £7.00

Soignon Goat’s Cheese Mousse, with beetroot salad and honey French toast £9.25

Duck liver parfait  With a fresh orange marmalade and toasted brioche £8.25

Prawn Ragout with a Marie rose sauce and Avocado mousse and toasted Focaccia £9.25

Victor’s Scallops. Fresh Scottish scallops with a Champagne beurre blanc, La Popote best seller £14.50


Lobster Thermidor: Fresh Scottish lobster prepared in Victor’s special white wine sauce, baked with Gruyere cheese. Served with savoury rice – 48 hours notice min 2 persons  SQ

Fresh Wild Halibut with a warm tartar sauce, braised young leeks and parmentiere potatoes £27.50

Canard A’ L’Orange Roast Duck with an Orange Sauce, Duchesse Potatoes and Red Cabbage £22.50

Rib-eye Steak Café de Paris 30 day mature fillet of prime Hereford beef glazed with the classic Parisienne herb butter, served with pommes neuf £31.50

Tournedos Anglaise, mature fillet of Hereford beef, pan-fried in butter, served with Stilton bon bons, fondant potato and green beans £33.50

Tournedos Façon “La Popote”
30 – day matured fillet of Hereford prime beef, piquant sauce with mushrooms,  Hungarian paprika, green and red peppers, flamed at your table with vodka, dash of cream. Served with pommes neuf £33.50

Tournedos au Poivre 30 day mature prime Hereford beef
French style peppered fillet of Hereford prime beef with black pink and green peppercorns, flamed in Brandy and finished off with a dash of cream. Served with pommes neuf £33.50

Grilled Rack of Cheshire Lamb with garlic and rosemary, served with a vegetable tagine ragout, and pommes dauphinoise, home -made mint jelly. £27.50

Loin of Veal with a morel mushroom sauce, vegetable tagliatelle and braised leeks £27.50

Sunday Roast: Roast Sirloin of Hereford Prime Beef, served with a red wine  jus, Yorkshire Pudding, roast potatoes and seasonal vegetables (Sundays only!) £26.50


Spinach and Ricotta twice baked souffle, with sautéed spring vegetables and Champagne beurre blanc


French Salad £5.00
Pommes Neuf – home-made fat chips £4.00
Pommes Nouvelle, new baby potatoes glazed in butter and parsley £4.00
Pommes Dauphinoise – potatoes baked with garlic, cream and Gruyere £4.50
Epinards – fresh wilted baby spinach with pine nuts and croutons £4.75
Haricots verts – fresh green beans and shallots cooked in butter with balsamic £4.50
Petit pois with fresh mint – baby peas cooked in mint £4.00




Lunch Menu


Soup du Jour

Smooth Duck Liver Parfait with Fresh Orange Marmalade and toasted Brioche

Heritage Tomato & Mozzarella Salad with Rocket Leaves and a Basil vinaigrette

Poached Salmon, Prawn and Smoked Salmon Terrine with Pickled Cucumber and Dill and toasted Focaccia


Pan Fried Sea Bass – With sautéed potatoes and Pancetta topped with Tomato and Red Onion Salsa

Seared Slices of Calves Liver With Chive mash potato topped with Shallot rings and Raspberry jus

Rump of Lamb – With a Vegetable and Puy lentil Ragout with a tomato and Tarragon Jus And gratin potatoes, home-made mint jelly

Boeuf Bourguignonne – Classic warming French Beef Casserole in a rich red wine sauce, Mushrooms, baby onions and pancetta, with new potatoes and Petit Pois

Asparagus Risotto – With an Asparagus and Raspberry Salad



White and Dark Chocolate Mousse With a Strawberry compote

Drunk Elephant Pudding – Warm Apricot Sponge drenched in Creme Anglaise Topped with Amarula liqueur

Bella Helen – White Wine Poached Pear with Vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce

Strawberries, Elderflower & Honey Mascarpone Tart


Two Courses £18.95 Or Three Courses £23.50

Please note: the lunch menu is not available on Sunday’s.
Full a La Carte Menu also available
Service Charge is not included, prices inclusive of VAT


Desserts Menu


Coupe Dame Blanche
Vanilla pod ice cream served with a hot Belgian chocolate sauce £6.25

Lynne’s Famous Pavlova
Served with fresh berries and raspberry coulis £7.50

Tonka bean creme brulée
With lemon curd and lemon biscuit £7.50

Raspberry Mille Feuille
Filled with Raspberries and Crème Patissiere with a Praline Cream £7.50

Drunk Elephant Pudding, warm feather-light apricot sponge with an Amarula
Liqueur crème Anglaise, drizzled with Amarula (a wee taste of our South African days) £7.50

Crêpes Suzette (2 persons)
Classique Français! Crepes sautéed in an orange, lemon and Grand Marnier sauce
flambéed at your table £16.50

Crèpes Lorraine (2 persons)
As above, with local vanilla pod ice cream

Cheese board
Three cheese selection of French and English cheese served with Thomas’s chutney £9.50
Five cheese selection £12.50

Filter Coffee £3.50
Single Espresso £3.00
Latté £3.75
Cappuccino £3.75
Mochaccino £4.00
Macchiato £4.00
Cafetiere £5.00
Selection of fine teas £3.50

All coffees and teas served with La Popote chocolate fudge or shortbread

All prices inclusive of 20% VAT
Service charge is not included


Double Tot
Irish Coffee
Irish Whisky £8.50
Kahlúa Coffee £8.50
Brandy Coffee £7.50
Baileys Irish Cream Coffee £6.75
Italian Classico – Amaretto 50ml £8.50
Amarula Dom Pedro  – Gorgeous concoction of Amarula liqueur and ice cream £8.75
Calypso Coffee  – Tia Maria, Kahlúa and rum  £12.50


PER 50ml
Rémy Martin VSOP Cognac £7.50
Delamain XO Grande Champagne Cognac £14.50
Baron de Sigognac, Bas Armagnac 1986 £12.50
Janneau Grand Armagnac VOSP £7.50
Zebabéze Domaine Le Grand Chemin 1984 Vieux Armagnac £12.50
Asbach Uralt Brandy £6.50


PER 25ml
Amaretto £4.50
Amarula £4.00
Baileys Irish Cream £4.00
Bénédictine £5.00
Charteuse Green £4.50
Cointreau £4.75
Creme de Menthe £4.75
Drambuie £4.75
Eau de Vie Framboise £4.50
Eau de Vie Kirsch £4.50
Eau de Vie Poir William £4.50
Frangelico £4.50
Galliano £4.75
Glayva £4.50
Grand Marnier £5.00
Grappa £5.50
Jägermeister £4.75
Kahlúa £4.00
Russian Vodka £5.25
Sambucca Classic £4.00
Sambucca Liquorice £4.25
Strega £4.50
Tia Maria £4.00